Best Execution of Client Orders

Bloom Burton Securities Inc. will use all reasonable efforts to ensure that its client orders receive the Best Execution of their orders to buy or sell Canadian Listed Securities that are “Quoted” or “Traded” on Canadian Marketplaces.  Bloom Burton Securities Inc. utilizes Haywood Securities as its “Carrying Broker”.  The Carrying Broker has instituted certain procedures due to the evolution of Multiple Marketplaces in Canada.  Such procedures which were instituted may affect the manner in which its clients Canadian Securities trades are executed.

Bloom Burton Securities uses a Carrying Broker for all executions for client and inventory orders.  Bloom Burton will seek to ensure that Best execution has been given by requiring the “Carrying Broker” to provide the following annually or more frequently as required (on questionable fills)

·         Carrying Broker’s Best Execution Policy

·         Carrying Broker’s Routing Preferences (for their Smart Order Router (SOR)

·         Requiring notification from the Carrying Broker when a “Major Change” to its Routing Table is made.

Requiring notification from the Carrying Broker when a new Marketplace has been added to the Routing

Bloom Burton Securities Inc.’s Carrying Broker (Haywood Securities) Best Execution Policies can be found here.