May 7, 2014

PlantForm engages Bloom Burton & Co. for strategic advisory services

Click here to read the full press release. Source: PlantForm – May 7, 2014

PlantForm Corporation has engaged Bloom Burton & Co. Inc. for strategic advisory services to support PlantForm’s growth and development. “We are pleased to work with the Bloom Burton team to evaluate our business development and financing strategies in the medium- to long-term,” said Dr. Don Stewart, PlantForm President and CEO. “Bloom Burton is Canada’s leading healthcare investment banking group. We look forward to benefitting from their expertise in order to maximize the commercial opportunities for our plant-based biopharmaceutical manufacturing platform.”

“Bloom Burton & Co. is excited to work with PlantForm to further the commercialization of this important manufacturing technology. The high cost of biopharmaceuticals places a significant burden on society, and we believe PlantForm’s technology will be instrumental in bringing lowercost biosimilar products to the market,” said Jolyon Burton, CEO and Head of Investment Banking at Bloom Burton & Co.

About Bloom Burton & Co. Bloom Burton & Co. exists to accelerate monetization in healthcare. Bloom Burton has an experienced team of medical, scientific, pharmaceutical, legal and capital markets professionals who perform a deeper level of diligence, which combined with a creative and entrepreneurial culture, leads to the right monetizing events for companies and investors. Bloom Burton’s many services include capital raising, mergers and acquisitions advisory, equity research, scientific and medical consulting, direct investing, company creation and incubation. For more information, please visit

About PlantForm Corporation PlantForm’s low-cost technology platform uses tobacco plants to ‘grow’ antibody and protein drugs for the treatment of cancer and other devastating diseases. Our plant technology is expected to significantly lower the cost of goods compared to industry-standard mammalian-cell systems for biopharmaceutical production. PlantForm’s pipeline includes three biosimilar (generic) monoclonal antibodies for cancer, six innovator antibodies for HIV/AIDS, and a novel protein drug designed to protect against nerve agent exposure.

For more information, please contact:

Don Stewart  President and CEO (416) 452-7242
Stacey Curry Gunn Director of Communications (519) 827-1131