Company Creation

Establishing new opportunities in healthcare

In very special situations, instead of providing services for fees, Bloom Burton™ partners with entrepreneurs and researchers to form new companies, leveraging all of our services and skills to accelerate their growth.

Bloom Burton™ leverages all of its services and skills:

  • Advise on the company’s corporate and capital structure;
  • Catalog and select the best target indications based on commercial, competitive and scientific considerations;
  • Design the optimal international patent strategy;
  • Design preclinical and clinical programs to produce valuable evidence for financing and partnering;
  • Support the optimal regulatory strategy;
  • Advise on the identification, license or acquisition of complimentary intellectual property and assets;
  • Recruit the best management team and Board to help execute the Company’s strategy;
  • Create marketing materials to inform, engage and transact with investors and partners;
  • Raise seed and subsequent private and public capital; and
  • Leverage the entire Bloom Burton platform to increase the exposure of the Company.

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