April 2, 2014

Welcome to Bloom Burton & Co.’s Cross-Border Biotech Blog

Why Bloom Burton & Co.?

Bloom Burton exists to accelerate monetization events in healthcare for companies, healthcare organizations and investors alike.

We are a highly qualified and experienced group of scientific, medical and capital market professionals who offer a variety of services, such as capital raising, M&A, equity research, monetization planning/consulting and direct investing. All these services are intended to work together to help companies achieve a faster path to the right monetization events.

Bloom Burton’s services rest on our disciplined methodology of:

1.  Performing a deep level of due diligence on healthcare assets;
2. Offering the broadest range of funding instruments and financing solutions;
3. Understanding rules across jurisdictions;
4. Leveraging our premium relationships with healthcare-specialist investors;
5. Engaging the entire healthcare community; and
6. Acting with the same creativity and tenacity as our clients do.

To expand on #5, we don’t just count companies and investors as our customers. We regularly engage with academic researchers, universities and medical schools, technology transfer and incubator organizations, angel groups, policy makers, regulatory agencies and other governmental organizations.

We also serve on the Board of Directors for several medical and healthcare foundations and industry organizations, and we participate on expert panels discussing issues relevant to our sector. Our research and analysis appears regularly at events and in the media, and through our own equity research and publications. We also host Canada’s largest healthcare investor conference each year.

These activities and others align us closely with all kinds of healthcare leaders and help keep us and our healthcare company and investor clients in tune with the latest developments in the healthcare community.

Why a blog?

chat-iconOur blog will offer the broader healthcare community commentary, data, analysis, case studies and interviews to expose the sticky situations of healthcare financing, innovation, commercialization, and entrepreneurialism. The blog will also feature commentary and opinions from executives of leading companies in the biotechnology and healthcare sector, specialist institutional investors and individuals who shape the healthcare industry in Canada and elsewhere in the world. We hope that you’ll not only join the conversation, but that you’ll help contribute to it and feel like you have a stake in ensuring that the right topics and knowledge are spread for our collective benefit.

We are looking forward to the conversation, your feedback and your contributions,

Brian Bloom and Jolyon Burton