Why We Exist

The goal of all investors, companies and organizations is to achieve a monetizing event, such as the ability to raise capital, perform meaningful research and development, license or commercialize products, reach profitability or execute a strategic transaction.

The people who work at Bloom Burton have deep knowledge in medicine, science, patent and corporate law, finance and healthcare invention, development and commercialization.

The Bloom Burton team has been dedicated exclusively to the healthcare investment industry for more than a decade and, as a result of our unique expertise and experience, our clients achieve a faster path to their monetizing events.


Bloom Burton works with institutions looking to invest in the healthcare sector. We also work with healthcare companies and organizations of all sizes and stages of development seeking advice and capital to achieve their goals.

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As a result of our expertise and experience in healthcare, we have developed a disciplined methodology for helping companies grow faster.

Our methodology, and all of the services we offer, rest on six key pillars: deeper due diligence, a broader range of investment options, greater understanding of cross-border rules, relationships with international investors, engagement with the broader healthcare community, and a creative, tenacious, entrepreneurial culture.

  • Deeper Due Diligence

    Bloom Burton’s team of dedicated and specialized professionals investigates investee companies to verify opportunities and expose risks.

    For every investment or project, our team investigates:

    • Basic science/mechanism of action
    • Preclinical data
    • Clinical strategy and execution
    • Regulatory path
    • Intellectual property
    • Business and commercialization plan
    • Manufacturing and CMC considerations
    • Valuation
    • Financing strategy
    • Management capabilities
  • Wider Range of Options

    Bloom Burton has considerable experience across the broadest range of funding options available, including:

    • Traditional equity and debt financing
    • Convertible and hybrid structures
    • Royalty financing
    • Strategic partnering and investments
    • Government and non-dilutive financing


    Bloom Burton also has experience working with both private and public companies at all stages of development from start-up through multi-national, and with companies operating in all areas of healthcare including biotechnology, pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic, healthcare services, healthcare IT, life science tools, animal health, nutrition and wellness.

  • Wider Range of Jurisdictions

    Our global experience allows us to consider the widest range of funding options for the companies we represent. Bloom Burton can:

    • Attract international healthcare investors to fund companies of all sizes and stages
    • Attract strategic or partnering investments from around the globe
    • Guide Canadian and international companies to list on NASDAQ or equivalent exchanges
    • Facilitate listing and funding through our local Toronto Stock Exchange, even for non-Canadian companies
    • Utilize our in-house knowledge of the technical requirements for funding, listing and selling companies globally
  • Relationships with Healthcare-Specialist Investors

    Our team has a long history of working with healthcare-specialized investor funds.

    These premium relationships with investment thought leaders allow us to gather important market intelligence, understand investment trends and preferences, and test ideas before launching a transaction.

    We have set up thousands of institutional meetings with hundreds of investment funds.

    Our relationships span venture capital, private equity, cross-over funds, hedge funds, mutual funds, government agencies, strategic investors, and investors that issue debt, monetize royalties or invest via alternative/hybrid structures.

  • Healthcare Sector Engagement

    We know more than just companies and investors.

    We regularly speak with academic researchers, universities and medical schools, technology transfer and incubator organizations, angel groups, policy makers and government. We also serve on the Board of Directors for several medical and healthcare foundations and industry organizations, and we participate on expert panels discussing issues relevant to our sector.

    Our research and analyses appear regularly at events and in the media, and through our own equity research, publications and blog posts. We host Canada’s most important investor conference each year, in addition to seminars and symposia to educate and connect the entire industry.

    These activities and others align us closely with all kinds of healthcare leaders and help keep us, and our clients, attuned to the latest developments in the healthcare community.

  • Creativity and Tenacity

    We never blame “market conditions” or approach transactions as a “numbers game”.

    Our long-term commitment to each investor and company challenges us to continuously refine our strategies until we achieve success. We are creative in our approach to financing and growth, and tenacious in finding the right transaction for all parties.